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South Sound Technology Conference (March 9, 2018)

In the past, there used to only be an idea that there would be some sort of Institute of Technology. But now it seems like some sort of regular annual type of event for the University, unless I’m mistaken. But it’s pretty great that the South Sound Technology Conference being supported. Today was also the “End of Quarter Colloquium” for the Winter quarter after the main speakers, which we got to see students’ group projects during lunch break out of the room. Our Entrepreneurship instructor Andrew Fry hosts the conference, sponsored by Columbia Bank in the University of Washington - Tacoma. It is a fairly lengthy conference session on multiple panels, which started at 9:00AM, and ended around 4:00PM, going over many relations of technology. There may have been certain things I haven’t mentioned or don’t recall from all the information provided for us, but I thought that the conference turned out rather well.
The First Panel Our first speaker, a coacher in technology, goes over several a…
Recent posts to Dot.Bomb

It seems like it was a rough time for people in the business within the early days of the internet. It’s crazy how this current standard thing we have in our everyday lives used to not even be marketed towards the average person, and more private partitions. It was believed back then that the Internet would have become some sort of fad that would eventually die out, but here it is, still as strong as ever.
From the lecture that we had in class, Andrew had used dinosaurs to represent the companies of old, as these companies used to roam the land of the early stages of the internet and were big, until suddenly being faded away. Andrew goes over the five different stages of the internet business. He goes over the stages of Innocent Beginnings, Boom, Insanity, Bust, and Crawl Back.
The Internet used to only be 3 years of age in its beginning stages, and there were only a few companies who had been working with the Internet such as Microsoft, Spry Inc., and even Andrew in Free Range Media. I…

Mission and Vision Statement

For every company that exist, or will exist, or are just planned out, there exists a Mission and Vision Statement for each of them. Well, they should anyway, in order to explain the purpose of the business that is being conducted for the product or service provided. Mission Statements are “what we’re here to get done” type of statement. The mission to accomplish something important to the company. And a Vision Statement is a “forward-looking statement” on what the company may visualize to occur into the future.
For my “Place Maker” company and product, the Mission Statement I had come up with is: “To provide room creators the freedom to visualize their ideas to become reality.” The mission of the company is to provide the “Place Maker” product upon allowing users to have people interested in transforming a completely empty room that they want to turn into a room of their choosing. They can visualize this in the application, as well as possibly even be able to order their desired furnit…

Shadrach White Reflection

We have what seems to be our final guest speaker, from the time it has been for this blog post. I believe there were also several times that he could not make it to our classroom, for arriving in our old classroom instead of the current one we had for the rest of the quarter, and among other stuff. It’s Shadrach White, CEO of CloudPWR, LLC.
Shadrach introduces to us his business upon using the online storage system, known as the Cloud. He lets us know about the push towards the cloud, and how it can be rather difficult to get other people on-board with the idea. Some people have doubts with using the cloud, due to concerns about security, for it possibly being “unsafe” for them. However, it seems like something that can be very manageable to have using the service.
A platform he introduced to us from CloudPWR is AIRLIFT, which is a platform to take unique business problems to build applications. There seems to be certain connections with his business involving certain legal issues such …

How Will You Protect Your Intellectual Property?

There are several factors that comes to an Intellectual Property of a company. These factors are patents, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets. These four things are major components on protecting an Intellectual Property that you have established within your company.
Patents are usually the first things that comes to mind of the invention. This can prevent other companies from using the same infrastructure when they build their product. There are a lot of other companies already that have made builder applications, so it seems as tricky to get started on assigning a patent, along with avoiding being too similar to the other companies. Protection is necessary to be original-enough of what is to be distributed.
Trademarks are things that make a company stand out, and can come in forms of words or simply images. Samples include the iconic “swoosh” for the Nike logo, or the Golden Arch for McDonalds. It would be interesting to come up with a memorable idea that could be tied to the plac…

John Dimmer Reflection

Another guest speaker had come to visit our class to share us some more wonderful information about business. His name is John Dimmer, who seems to be a close friend or business friend to Andrew. In fact, if I recall correctly, he was one of the creators of Free Range Media with Andrew back in the late 90’s! It’s interesting how many people Andrew would have us get to know more about in business.
John Dimmer presents himself as not too much of the idea originator, but he is certainly able to push out others’ ideas further if it is presented to him and is able to interest him enough. It’s good to know what you know, and when you’re outside your expertise. Even if he might not be able to really originate ideas, and even if it is outside what he might know, he seems to have the ability to still be able to support the idea.
The main topic that he had presented to us was all about investments. He had gone over a certain area of investors, known as Angel Investors. Angel Investors are basical…

Pricing the Product: How Much Will You Charge (and Why)?

For the product that I have decided to pick, which is not actually within my original Three Business Ideas, is to have a company that distributes a software application product, which helps with users planning out rooms of houses or buildings of their choice digitally, with assistance to the type of furniture or materials that they could have purchase access to. It seems like a rather useful application that would be beneficial to people who like to remodel rooms or are planning to create a room of a house or building they’ve dreamed about. Like a sophisticated room designer app. Pricing this application is a bit of a tricky situation. There are certainly applications like this that already exist online somewhere, or maybe similar to simulator games as well.

    How much could I charge for this type of software? There seems to be applications like this that seems to be freely distributed online already, and thus, it makes it difficult to see if such software should be sold at a pr…