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Erik Hanberg Reflection

It was quite fantastic to have Erik Hanberg be our guest speaker last week. He was our first guest speaker within the Winter 2018 quarter here at UW-T. His focus was his story on how his success in Entrepreneurship has been, with his experiences within multiple companies and medias. He gave a rather large emphasis on the term "Entrepreneurship" into becoming "Entrepreneur Ship." Most of what seems to be expected with being an entrepreneur is to get products made, then is consecutively shipped to consumers.

    He had shown us graphs about where someone may be on the scale of growing in riches, starting at the "Entry Scale", then eventually topping out. From the bottom is what is described to be "beer and date money", gradually going up to part-timer, full-timer, and wealthy. Most of what's in between, going up are Media, Business owners, Musicians, Actors, and Athletes. It's interesting how much more money someone can make when they …
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Three Potential Business Ideas

I wonder to myself every now and then about ways that I could incorporate my interest in art and design towards my Computer Science & Systems Major in some way. I’m not too exactly confident with coming up with related ideas of what could become a business, however, I’ve come up with three ideas that could be interesting to implement. I’m not quite sure if I’ll stick to these ideas, or figure out something else new.
Lean Manufacturing Designer App     For anyone who may be interested in building neat physical contraptions, it’s very important to be aware of how much stuff and money is going to be needed to create them. This product could come as a form of computer application, which allows you to work with a 3D space to create an object using polygons. You determine what types of materials you may be using, and what the thickness may be. You also determine what kind of material it uses, and it will calculate how much you may need to spend, based on the type of material used, a…

What do you expect in this class?

In TINST 475, I'm expecting to learn a lot about the procedures used by entrepreneurs. Getting into our groups and brainstorming product ideas, and learning to communicate well. Seems like by the end of this quarter within this class, I myself, along with my team that I will be working with, will be able to successfully create some sort of legitimate way of creating a business plan for a product or handling the creation of a brand new company. I’ve checked out the different samples of business plan books from different courses, and it’s interesting how unique and different each one is, and how much work and effort appears to have been given, just based on judging the size of content.

    Hopefully this information will be beneficial for my future in my Computer Science degree, along with potential future endeavors. Along with learning about the procedure, I also expect for us to learn more about our behaviors when it comes to handling different situations we may see with begin…